Migranterna skapar kaos runt om i Europa – Länksamling



De tar med sitt rasistiska hat, trodde de ville fly från krig, bråk och rasism.


African immigrants rampage city in Spain.

African refugees rioting in spain

Illegal in Calais both steal from a food hand out and also throw the food away

African migrants rioting in southern Italy

Immigrant complains having no tv or air conditioning

Muslim migrants in Macedonia refuse aid from Red Cross because of the Cross

Syrian boy drowned because smuggler father wanted new teeth.

Immigrants rioting in Greece

Refugees chanting and shouting ”Allah Akbar” in Immigrant trains going to Germany

Immigrants arriving in Hungary stop to throw rocks at train drivers.

Hungarian immigrants leave huge amounts of trash. One gestures a slit throat movement to camera.

Migrant forces his wife and child onto train tracks before hitting himself in the head with a rock repeatedly.

Greece overwhelmed by rampaging immigrants.

Chaos at Polish train station

7 year old girl was brutally raped by a Muslim migrant from North Africa.

Aid container arrives in Greece filled with weapons and ammunition

Why migrants / ”refugees” want Sweden and not Denmark

Immigrants in Hungary sell their aid supplies

Small child gestures slit throat movement to camera

Imported conflicts: Kurds and Turks battle on the streets of Sweden

And on the streets of Germany

Migrant tells Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia to go to hell


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